Vj Ovideo y su Opendesktop

Vj Ovideo produces projected murals by his Opendesktop, a digital tool created by himself to generate real time video-collages.

The OpenDesktop is a creative tool working with the open desk supplemented by a drawing application, to use the operating system in a free and open way as a medium of expression.

Thanks to the Opendesktop, VJO uses and combines videos, images, graphic applications to create animated murals growing and developing in front of our eyes.



Audiovisual performances by Vj Ovideo are allegories of external events in combination with the inner expressions. During the performance, VJO shares a process of artistic expression to awake creativity in each viewer.

The tool has been used in many different venues such as, events, festivals , product showcase , clubs, schools, universities, art workshops, hotels, restaurants and bars, widening the dissemination from the real time creation based on technology . VJO has participated in Live Performers Meeting , Off Loop, Weart , LEM , Kosmopolis , Fun Dub , The Bus Festival Visual Brasil, Uber Lingua , Groove Fest, Nokodek , among others. The OpenDesktop project has received official sponsorship by the WACOM Company: http://www.audiovisualcity.org/avcity/Wacom_%20Boris_Dulon.pdf

Booking: promotersav@gmail.com



Vj Ovideo y su Opendesktop