Autotrance is a project investigates, experiences, forms and performs self-made trance, applying it to various expressions of art and science. It is also a simple and versatile methodology, that interacts with different artistic and therapeutic practices generating a variety of models and new ways of approaching to any personal and / or group process , enriching the different participating areas.

The Autotrance practice – thanks to the ability to interact with the material of the unconscious – is currently one of the elements connecting the different techniques coexisting at Laboratory Symbolon , cultural center.


Sebastián Sánchez Zelada, project founder and director, started the project through workshops , meetings and Performances. Actually, he collaborates with Gorka Ferrero in resonant arts, Alvaro Muñoz in interactive arts, and Soledad Balegno Mark Rubin in visual documentation, among others.

The main goal is to re-activate the possible connections between the different states of consciousness in each person to act together promoting a “Disposed Intention” , as the central column of Autotrance.