NOBU_LAB: Manfredi Borsetti and Paola Roberti.

The key elements in their performances are: emphasize the tactile qualities of sounds, recreate real ambients surrounding the audience and increase the perceptive side of the experience synchronizing music and visual.

This artistic collaboration was born from the common desire to experiment different forms of art: theater, dance, performance, video art, music.






Audiovisual Live Set Performance

Starting from the observation of the painting “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais, we have drawn an audio and visual dramaturgical line whose main character is a singer-musician. Through her song the inner images come to life, the background seems to respond to her call using sounds of earth elements, while the musical structure, mainly electronic, enables the instrument on the stage to resonate in a vortex of possibilities.




An Audiovisual Performance

Visuals and scenography designed for IN-STRUCTURE works as a hypnotic focal point and a way to relieve the audience from the boundaries of the performance space, made possible through the use of the tactile and illusory qualities of light projected onto a transparent structure (with the performers inside) in a quadraphonic audio space.




Video Mapping project

The work aims to investigate how the matter, destroyed by digital calamity, can recreate itself with different quality while maintaining the same “DNA”. Therefore, the architecture becomes alive and emotionally participating in his mutation.